lundi 6 octobre 2014

Guerrilla Army Commander The Personnel of Slender

I had been dabbling in thief occupation along with the hasher and Reelin. Big man that has the appearance Domo, such as Indians is're wrapped around the head turban and sunglasses is a rose. After the death of Reelin, and enlisted in the Army Poseidaru is headed to Gyabure, it becomes bridge personnel of Slender scalar Gyabure becomes a guerrilla army commander. Butler Amandara. Pattern you also knew about the identity of Amandara. To infiltrate in order to nab the Suvu~eto Mian along with Amandara, but died in the chaos of the final battle.

Family head with the scale of the leading - (the first 54 episodes 43 episodes), Jin'naitatsuyuki (OVA Version), even in Ryusei Nakao cluster of "Aman Shokai" voice - - Toyota Shinji (Episode 4 Episode 33) → Ryuichi Horibe However, its identity is a Orudona-Poseidaru real. The Tsukekomi affection of Mian against itself, is allowed to reign in the Sands and tailored to Kagemusha Poseidaru their own, is pressed against the settlement of the rebel forces and burden of governance, their own behind the scenes without taking any responsibility for self-indulgently in the shadows. Also, hate Yeaman group by circumstances that were massacred family in Yeaman group was young, to carry out its eradicated.

And even though it is quite elderly (appearing in the first 43 episodes later in "Jigoe"), you have to get the youth of the infinite by bio-relation system. Also HM original Auger themselves to steer, and did not accept any attack to obtain the energy of the infinite by bio relations, but during the battle with the pack mule to Mian supposed "had been manipulated to complete" eventually the weakness with aging rapidly that it betrayed, has been shut down the system, died of cooperation Gyabure and pack mule, to defeat. However, because the obsession that Yeaman group eradication chose to pack mule is that Insei without marriage in the care of Oribi, it was supposed to be accidentally achieved.

Sunglasses wearing long hair blonde, had been bearded long beard is usually, but has shown the long hair and purple beauty as Convincing a woman when he appeared true, the pupil of the eyes also purple and gold was Oddoai. In addition, the idea of naming weapons merchant just have gotten from Andre Kandore (Staff himself admits) in the version of the novel. And thus to be active as chairman of the new nation-building Board of Trustees after the war.